CGMRO @ PIB on 12-18


I was passing by PIB yesterday to see if anything of interest was parked there, and I saw this good looking LearJet 45 being refueled. The tail # was CGMRO ,and it had a kangaroo painted on the tail. I have done some research ,but I have not really found out anything on this aircraft. Anybody know any details of this bird? Thanks for any info.

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Registered to Uniform Yankee Juliet Air Inc. which operates an International charter out of Peason Int’l. They have a couple lears and a couple Citations.


Click here to go to the Canadian Aircraft Registry.

The company that owns C-GRMO is called Uniform Yankee Juliet Air, Inc. It’s more than likely a company who’s only business is leasing the aircraft back to the parent company.

Here’s all of the aircraft are owned by Uniform Yankee Juliet Air, Inc. on the Canadian registry:

C-GDMI Learjet 45
C-GIWZ Cessna 750
C-GMRO Learjet 45
C-GTDM Learjet 35A
C-GYDM Cessna 421C


Thanks for the info guys. How come the flight does not show up on Flightaware?


i can tell you that CGMRO is not used for leasing…I can’t really tell you more than that

#6 … 001_e.html … 171_e.html

The links above show some of the red tape this company has been cutting through.

I see mention of applications for domestic and international charters as well as applications for air ambulance services. But none have been approved.

So with the exemptions given to the company, and its lack of public advertising, my best **‘guess’ **on this matter is that the flights are blocked blocked do to an association with the military. Like a contractor hired to transport diplomatic / military / intelegence etc. to Middle East.

The same type of service is widely used by the American military.