Railway Aircraft


Here’s something a little different, the Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) owns a Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604, registration number C-GCNR.

Here’s the latest trace, flightaware.com/live/flight/CGCNR

Here’s a photo, airliners.net/open.file/1027059/L/

Up here in Canada, eh? :smiley:


Nothing odd about that. Other railroads own aircraft also.


Well I thought it was interesting…Thanks for the post. damiross always has something to say about everyones post, I suppose we should just all get used to it, or maybe email our posts to him to see if he approves prior to posting


I wasn’t saying the posting wasn’t interesting. I was just pointing out that major ground transportation systems operate aircraft. Besides railroads, I’ve seen trucking companies operating aircraft.

What’s also interesting is that quite often an aircraft manufacturer will operate aircraft that are not built by that company.

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union pacific railroads have a few aircraft. Tail number xxxUP