Flightaware junkie (sad LOL) i track flights out of ktol. Noticed BAX Global freight hub use to fly Air Transport DC-8s. Now notice all planes used TN’s appear to be owned by different companies or individuales?? Realize this might be a stupid question but does that make sense to any airplane people?? Not people who are airplanes but familier with this type of setup


It can’t be easy raising money to buy old aircraft, especially when aircraft are used for contracts that are always coming up for new bids. So wherever they can get their investors/financing/aircraft - for short and long term.

FAA Registry here are all the DC-8’s and their registered owners in the USA.

RZJETS an unlimited source to look up your airplanes, operators, owners.

Aircraft production lists updated monthly.


That was a bug where we were dropping the A from ATN. It’s fixed now for future flights and will be fixed for past flights.