Some interesting aircraft to follow

Ever hear of Janet? :open_mouth:

Okay, Air Force…
But who/what are they?

Janet aircraft…

We’ve seen a number of Janet flights from Vegas to places that may not exist… flying as WWW + a flight number if I recall correctly, although I can’t think of any numbers at the moment.

Secret, unofficial flights run by EG&G (govt contractor) between McCarran and Area 51/Groom Lake Test facility.

In other words, it is the employee shuttle for the base that does not exist.

Tonopah Test Range airport is the one with all the WWW “Janet” 737 flights from Vegas.

That’s the “official” destination. I think the Janet flights get handed off to a military controller once they are out of civilian airspace, then their destination changes to whatever Area 51 nomenclature is used.

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i came across your post. i thought id say hi. how did you learn this stuff? i am new to this and trying to learn everything. i thought it was interesting you found janet. can you help me out finding stuff? i just looking for nascar teams, football teams, baseball teams, actors, actresses, etc… how do i find out who is who? thanks ahead time

Hi “fan”. If you read through all the postings here under notable activity, you will find a number of threads with NASCAR as well as celebrities. Also, try googling for celebrity names and aircraft or tail numbers. But definitely try reading all these threads first. They’ll keep you quite busy. Welcome aboard! :smiley:

This large thread notes quite a few celebs aircraft.

thanks. i came across this site from CNN when that airplane in boston did emergency landing. very nice site. i enjoy it alot. i look at my local airport. i go out to airport to watch them come and go. awesome experince when they are feet from your head and the loud roar from the engines. i never have flown yet. but i want to soooooooo bad but dont have the extra cash :frowning: i looked up other threads that you mentioned. thanks. i am goin to google later tonight when i hop back online. i wanna thank you for replying to my post. and helping me out. thanks. do you have an email addy i can reach ya at? i can give ya mine if you want?

These aircraft come up as turbo props and i thought that the “Janet” contractors flew Boeing 737-200’s? Maybe they changed aircraft/contractors. Nice find by the way.

The Janet flights are flown both by turboprops and the more well known white and red 732’s.

Ken Borak Air BT-67 C-FMKB returning to Canada from the Antarctic

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