Can anyone tell me where this airport is?


Hey Guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knew what/where KTKM is. If you look at this King Air owned by the Airforce thier current or last destination was KTKM. If you look up KTKM it is not in the Airnav directory or in Flightaware’s directory either. I’m figuring it is somewhere within the Tonopah Test Range, but was just wondering if someone knew for sure. Thanks for your help!



According to FAA Publication 7350.7, Location Identifiers, *freely *available to all at and mentioned many times in the FlightAware discussion board, TKM is Tonopah Test Range Base Ops.


Looks like its North of Las Vegas but South of Reno!


That is where the F-117s were based before they told the public about them. After that they were moved to Holoman AFB, NM. Perhaps to make way for a new secret project. Hypersonic spy plane???


Have a look at for some interesting stuff about TKM and a particular aircraft that visits!



it could be that military air base that does not exist!