Fighter jet just took off out of GA airport (KASG)


Some jet just rocked our building. We never see planes like that. I work across the road from the airport in Springdale, AR (KASG). I only caught a glimpse of it, but couldn’t tell what it was. It looked like a a single engine F/A-18. Had two vertical tail fins, so it wasn’t an F-16. There could have been two outlets, so it could have been an F/A-18… hard to say.

I was hoping I could find a flight plan or something on here but didn’t have any luck. Short of calling the tower, is there anyway to find out what it was?


Sometimes they need fuel or divert for a warning light, clear the problem and get on their way again. Military flights can operate free of charge (ie landing fees) at any airport that accepts federal funds.

My local airport is located just east of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Washington where its dry and sunny most of the time. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Boeing sometimes fill our pattern taking advantage of the nice weather here when its otherwise low overcast and raining 15-20 minutes away in Western Washington. Boeing rarely touches the runway since they’d have to pay.


Years back, the USMC would have their Harriers land at PDK’s Signature FBO for fuel. Was really awesome watching them come in for a vertical landing!


I see all kinds of stuff around KHSV im 12 miles northwest of the field,a lot of trainers,tankers and occasionly a fighter F-16,F-18 and a surprise the other day at low level 3,000 feet 2 MH-53 from USMC.At times the skies will be filled,one day had 8 MV-22s come thru,all between 6,000 and 8,000 feet.


Hmmm, never saw a fighter here but I know there was one here before… U.S. Military aircraft land free here too… they used to have a Shorts 360 re-fueling here religiously… don’t see it anymore, with an exception about three weeks ago…

Wazzu, musicman, I hate you… :stuck_out_tongue: Me want fighter!


not too sure what you had on your hands there XTcamZ…

as with other people’s responses: Here at KPGV we get some OH-58 Kiowas and some UH-60 Blackhawks of the NCNG from time to time, and most regularly we get HH-46E rescue helis from the Marines come in to get fuel. They bring crash victims from out near the coast into our hospital, then usually do a training mission afterwards, so they fill up before they head out. Awesome guys too. We have Coast Guard C-130s and Marines MV-22s that come into the pattern, but never stop for fuel. Thats about it here.

Where I used to work at KISO we had KC-135s, an all white C-32, C-130s from the AF, Marines, and CG, MV-22s as well as F-15Es all do pattern work, but none ever landed for fuel, except for the occasional F-15E when things were too crowded at SJAFB just to the west. Never when I was there though, OF COURSE! Also, we had some Blachkawks/Seahawks, get fuel, and once we had a T-6A from Vance stop in and get some fuel.


It’s not uncommon for a military pilot to stop at his or her hometown airport if they are doing a cross country flight for some reason. I have personally spoken with many military guys who have made a fuel stop or pit stop so mom, dad, family, and friends can see the aircraft. I think it’s a great thing to allow for those who serve and it’s cool for those out of the way airports who never get this kind of traffic


Until September and since 1947 we’ve had a ANG base which is currently equipped w/ F-16s. Our local FBO however handles all transient USN and USMC traffic as well as ARNG helos and any other military traffic. It’s funny to see a ramp full of F-16s at the ANG base, and then 4 F-18’s sitting with the 172’s and Cherokees.


XT,the one you saw was probably COWBOY 61 an F/A-18A from Fort Worth Nas,theres not any flight tracker that will show military aircraft,im not sure whether FA or the FAA pulls them out before they do the feed,thats why there is a little delay.Using Flightaware and listening to aircraft together is fun,ive been listening to them on the radio and one will develop a problem and ill check flightaware to see where hes from and going and what type aircraft.


Yep, if you use feeds the delay is about the same time. It’s alot of fun.

Amazing what a computer will do these days.


I live in Fort Smith Arkansas in the flight path to KFSM. Here we see two flights daily of A-10 Wathogs from the local ANG, T-38 Talons are doing touch and goes almost daily, and C-130s from Little Rock do t&gs. Lately there have been some Goshawks trainers flying in the area and man are those little jets loud. Almost every weekend there are between 3-6 F/A-18f Superhornets coming in for fuel. This is really a cool place to watch planes. If the plane had two vertical stabilizers and shook your building I bet it was a superhornet.