Dump1090-mutability + PiAware: Piaware web interface not accessible


I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Raspbian Stretch) with dump1090-mutability and piaware installed (and in addition fr24feed and pfclient).

lighttpd is installed and running properly (<ip-address>/dump1090 works correctly).

From what I have read, the piaware web interface should be available at <ip-address>:80, but that only shows the lighttpd placeholder page. I also tried <ip-address>:8080, but that returns ‘This site can’t be reached’.

There doesn’t seem to be any piaware related site specified for lighttpd:
$ ls /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/
05-auth.conf 10-no-www.conf 10-usertrack.conf
10-accesslog.conf 10-proxy.conf 11-extforward.conf
10-cgi.conf 10-rewrite.conf 15-fastcgi-php.conf
10-dir-listing.conf 10-rrdtool.conf 89-dump1090.conf
10-evasive.conf 10-simple-vhost.conf 90-debian-doc.conf
10-evhost.conf 10-ssi.conf 90-javascript-alias.conf
10-expire.conf 10-ssl.conf README
10-fastcgi.conf 10-status.conf
10-flv-streaming.conf 10-userdir.conf

How to access/enable the piaware web interface?


Its actually :8080


Sorry, forgot to mention. Tried that (<ip-address>:8080) too…


Piaware Web Interface is avaiable only on Piaware SD card image.
You have Raspbian Stretch image with Piaware package install. You wont get Piaware Web interface


OK, understood… Thanks!!!