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Changing default port

Noob here and I need some help changing the default port for PiAware or dump1090-mutability.

Currently, am running the following on my Pi4.

  1. PiHole with web interface using lighttpd, defaulted to port 80.
  2. Unifi controller on port 8080 and 18443.
  3. Piaware and dump1090-mutability.

Everything is working fine, except that I am not able to access the local web interface for PiAware/dump1090-mutability as port 8080 has already been used by unifi controller.

I would like to change the default port for PiAware and dump-mutability to something else other than 8080.

How do I do that? Have tried looking through the lighttpd config and the dump1090-mutability config files, but I am totally lost.

If I change the lighttpd config to some other port, then PiHole would not be accessible…

Any help would be appreciated.

If it’s the PiAware image, this should do it;

sudo nano /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/89-dump1090-fa.conf

Change 8080 to what ever you like. Press Ctrl+O, [enter] to save, and Ctrl+X the exit the editor.

Restart PiAware;

sudo piaware-config -restart

Hi carstenks,

I have did the above steps, and changed the port to port 18080.
However, after I restart piaware, I am still seeing a page where it shows that pihole is still restricting the page.


Just to be clear, I have removed dump1090-mutability and installed dump1090-fa.

port 8080 is used by unifi, and it is able to be accessed locally by http://localIP:8080

port 80 us used by Pihole that is running via lighttpd as well.

found my solution to this…

I added the following line in /etc/lighttpd/external.conf

server.modules += (“mod_alias”)