Piaware web server port

I use piaware on a raspberry pi. I have other SW running that uses port 80 for its admin page. I want to set piaware admin web page to use a different port - how can I do this ?

That should still be valid:

Well … lighttpd runs on port 80 by default, if the other software isn’t using lighttpd … he’ll have to change that.

I believe PiAware now uses lighttpd as the web server. Check the documentation for lighttpd to see how to change the default port from 80 to whatever you wish to use.

Not piaware, but dump1090-fa

Piaware does not require a web server, it collects data from the running decoder (either dump1090-fa or readsb)
To be precise dump1090-fa does not need lightttpd to work. This is used only to display the map. But dump1090 would do the job even without it.

I checked my PiAware box. It’s version 6.1 and lighttpd is indeed running. I started with the FA image and didn’t install lighttpd so it must have already been installed. As Foxhunter pointed out, it’s used to display the map. The port for lighttpd is set in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf, down a few lines from the top you will see “server.port = 80”. You could change it there, but a better approach would be to add a .conf file into /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled instead to change this one item. That way it will allow for easy upgrades.

Sure without that you won’t have any map. It is installed automatically during dump1090-fa setup.

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