PiAware 3 change http port


I have a PiAware set-up at a location that has ports 80 and 8080 already in use by other devices. Previously with 2.x I set just set --net-http-port 8081, set the router to port forward, and set up DDNS for a friendly URL so that folks could view it from anywhere. It seems that PiAware 3.x insists on using port 80, how do I change the port back to 8081?


Why not just change for forwarding rules to point to the port you want? The inside and outside ports don’t need to match.


Because that would be simple and easy…



I also want to change the TCP port to something like 8085. Is there a way to change it?


The web content is served by lighttpd so you should look in those config files if you need to change it. I don’t understand why it need changing though; port 80 is the standard port for http.


Thanks for your hint and I am able to change the port to 8085 & all working now :slight_smile: