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Dumb simple 978MHz?

Is there a super simple way of adding 978MHz decode to an RPi setup that’s already running PiAware and a dongle for 1090? I have an extra dongle I’d like to use for 978.

I am not all that good with working with Linux but can follow directions as long as they work. I started with just dump1090 a while ago and eventually upgraded to Piaware with no issues. Everything just seemed to work. In adding 978MHz I feel like I have read every single guide, discussion thread, reddit post and anything else I can find on google about this and haven’t gotten anything to work. Without f—ing fail, every single guide I’ve read has some command that doesn’t work for reasons I can’t figure out by googling the error.

I managed to serialize the dongles but got stuck when my 978 dongle became the main dongle and I wasn’t able to change it. I unplugged that dongle, rebooted and it thankfully started using the 1090 dongle again.

What is the absolute definitive guide to installing two dongles, one for 1090 and one for 978, on a single Raspberry Pi? Should I do a fresh install of everything and start over if I want to try and add a second dongle?

Yes. If you then run into problems, please provide a clear description of the problem when asking for help. Start from a PiAware sdcard image. If you have already serialized the dongles, the only changes needed are to piaware-config.txt:

rtlsdr-device-index 00001090
uat-receiver-type sdr
uat-sdr-device driver=rtlsdr,serial=00000978

(replace serial numbers above as needed)


Please follow these steps (5, 6, 7, & 8):

Note: In order to avoid typing mistakes, please do NOT type these commands. Instead copy-paste these commands (including the commands to serialize the dongles).