978 and 1090 on same pi AND dongle?

Just got in to this stuff last night. Set up a Pi4 2gb with RTLSDR v3 and a terrible rabbit-ear antenna sitting on my desk for now, picking up ADS-B within a 60 mile radius so far. Getting an adsbx dual-band antenna up outside shortly to resolve that.

If I swap out the RTLSDR for the FW orange stick and dual filter, is it possible to pick up and feed both 978 and 1090 on the same pi/dongle? Or do I at least need two dongles? I’m guessing the latter. Are there any guides on setting this up or what I need to tweak in my config to make it work?

On the same Pi: Yes.
On the same dongle: No.

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I’m also interested in receiving 978 and 1090. I will get a second dongle.

1- What are the steps in config that I should do?
2- Will both feed will be dispayed on the same web page?

Option-1: If you have piaware SD Card image, please follow these steps :

NOTE: better view dump1090 map on this address:



Option-2: If you have Raspbian image with package install of dump1090-fa & dump978-fa, both ver 6.0 or 6.1, use following procedure:

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Yes, on Piaware Skyaware.

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With tar1090 they can be shown on the same local web page.

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Right. That too. :slight_smile:

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The cconfiguration procedure originally given in my last post was for Piaware SD Card image.

If you have Raspbian image with package install then config commands will be different.

I have now edited that post and added config procedure if you have Raspnbian image with package install.

Now Option-1 is for SDCard image and Option-2 for package install.

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