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1090 & 978 on on Same Device

I have read numerous discussions on running 1090 and 978 on the same device, but haven’t found anyone that has both working. Does anyone have both working on the same device?

Some say serialize the dongles, other discussions say this causes issues.

Help please…

Thanks in advance…


RPi 3B or later and an original power supply from the RPi foundation is a good basis.

With USB chargers you’ll definitely run into power issues.

Apart from that this guide works well:
Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

You can also start from a Raspbian Buster Lite image and do the install, not too complicated either.

Lots of people have it running as you should see from that thread.

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Both working just fine. Not a lot of UAT 978 aircraft but there are some, mostly day time.

Follow this procedure:

Current 8 hr Graphs:


Working well for me. Others have commented on the importance of a good power supply. I’m using the original power supply on the Pi, and have both dongles on a separate powered USB hub.


I’m running both also with the 2 SDRs directly attached to the Raspi (no powered hub) but I’m using a 12V to 5V DC-DC converter jumpered straight to the 5V+GND IO pins (see pic below) …


I have the blue FlightAware Pro Stick Plus (1090 MHz) and the red RadarBox FlightStick (978 MHz) plugged into a single Raspberry Pi 2B (RPi2B). Works very well! I used the instructions referenced by others above.

My current setup:

  • RPi2B,
    • Buster with PiAware install (not SD Card image),
    • via Ethernet,
  • Raspberry Pi official power supply 5.1V at 2.5A,
  • blue FA Pro Stick Plus (1090 MHz),
  • red RadarBox FlightStick (978 MHz),
  • FA 1090 MHz ADS-B gain antenna in attic,
  • FA 978 MHz ADS-B gain antenna in attic.
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@kenf3 - Did you create the green brackets yourself? Nicely done!
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Yep, thanks! 3D printers are great for hobby projects.

How do I tell if I have an original power supply for my RPI 3B ? I bought mine preloaded with the PIAware software… not familiar with the Raspbain Buster Lite image… I am just trying to make modifications to what I have…

I have both a FlightAware blue stick and orange stick… I have read so much I am confused now… if you know what I mean

Just use the guide, you’ll see if it works …

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So since I am already running 3.8.0 , all I have to do is stop the 1090 and 978 services, serialize the dongles, and restart the 1090 and 978 services ? Am I missing anything ?

Just follow the complete guide with the piaware-config settings and stuff.

That’s what guides are for.
(exclude the writing the sd-card obviously)

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Use Orange Stick for dump978-fa (serialize it to 00000978).

Use Blue Stick for dump1090-fa (serialize it to 00001090).

Do NOT use the Blue Sick for 978, as it has an integral filter which passes 1090mhz, and attenuates 978mhz

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Two dongles on one pi? Why bother?
There are few 978 UAT planes, so a $5 pi Zero will have plenty of CPU horsepower to handle the SDR demands.
On the other side, my 1090 system with an AirSpy needs nearly all the clock cycles it can get. I don’t want to add to the burden on that Pi4.

Thank you all… I am up and running! Yay! The only think I have adjusted yet is the gain… Follow the recommendations that I saw ?


Stats would be the reason to do it, since you can’t combine two sites into one for the rankings.

Ah, but you can. I am.

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Have been using a RockPi4B for a few months Running an AirSpy R2 for 1090Mhz and an RTLSDR v2 for 978Mhz along with a GPS all on the same unit without issue. FWIW anyhow.

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RPI 3 or 4 with a POE Hat also works well.