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Setup to receive 978mhz only?

Hello all,

I have my main station feeding 1090 of course but I would like to see if there is much 978 in my area. I know it’s fairly easy to ADD 978 to a 1090 system but what I would like to do is have a separate Pi and receiver run 978 only, just to see what I pick up. Would it be as simple as serializing the dongle and enabling 978 and disabling 1090? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Serializing the dongle is only required for dual 1090 and 978 setups. Since you are using a separate Pi with 978 only, you won’t need to do this.

Using the PiAware SD card image, just enable 978 and disable 1090.

piaware-config uat-receiver-type sdr
piaware-config receiver-type none
sudo reboot

If you are setting it up via package install, install piaware and dump978-fa and follow the same steps.

Also, ensure you have the proper RTL-SDR and antenna for UAT.

Thank you very much! I will give that a try.