RE: [ Beginner ] - Please advise on dongle to receive both 1090Mhz and 978Mhz

I am trying to set up a 978 receive only on a raspberry pi with piaware. When I run status, it shows that it is trying to access 1090 data. Do I need to tell piaware that there is no 1090 receiver? I have the 978 orange dongle searlized and dump978-fa loaded and it says it is receiving 978 data. But it is still trying to find 1090 data. I found that if there is no 978 receiver you configure it to none but I don’t see any similiar command for the 1090 receiver.


You’ll need to set the receiver-type setting to none via piaware-config

piaware-config receiver-type none

then reboot

Thank you for your response. My piaware is now working. There is still one problem. When piaware loads, it gives this error message, “failed to reopen /var/log/piaware.log: couldn’t open “/var/log/piaware.log”: permission denied.”

Is there a solution for this?

I just noticed there is another error code on loading, “Failed to update feeder ID file at /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id: couldn’t open “/var/cache/piaware/”: permission denied.”

What do you mean by “when piaware loads” - where are you seeing these errors? You will see those if you try to start piaware by hand as the wrong user. You do not need to start piaware by hand, it is usually started automatically in the correct way by a service file installed by the package.

I am learning as I do this. I am running the raspberrypi headless. So when I turn it on or reboot it I get this “pi@raspberrypi:~ $”. I was thinking this was like DOS and I had to load the program. So I would type piaware and would get a stream of messages. After reading your message, I realized that piaware loads automatically when the raspberrypi comes on or reboots. So thanks for teaching me more about Linux. And I since I started this two days ago, I leave the raspberypi on all the time. I rebooted it a few minutes ago to check to see if piaware loaded automatically when it booted.

I do have another question. Piaware is running on 978 only. I only have the orange dongle. The antenna is in my attic. I am seeing very little traffic. Twelve aircraft yesterday and three so far today. I know there are a lot more general aviation aircraft flying in my area. I am planning on putting up an outdoor antenna soon. But I am wondering if the low traffic count is because the antenna is in the attic or is there some other problem. I have the 978 filter on and the antenna is one like is used on the statux. Could there be some other problem or is it just the fact that the antenna is in the attic?


Not all GA traffic is already on 978 Mhz. So your number will be quite low in regard to ADSB 1090 Mhz numbers.
I live in Europe en we don’t have any 978 Mhz traffic but so far I’ve seen low numbers on 978 Mhz recievers.

Most GA have a Mode-S transponder running on 1090 Mhz, newer aircraft usually have a combination of 1090 and 978 Mhz

There quite a few GA aircraft in the US with 1090 MHz ADS-B and not only Mode-S.

Configure it to 1090 and have a look.
(Or look at one of the global maps by aggregators like FlightAware, adsbexchange, planefinder, radarbox, flightradar24)

Yes you are right, ads-b is off course also present on 1090 MHz :innocent:

Thanks for the replys. I know there are quite a few GA aircraft in my area that only have 978. My airplane uses EchoUAT and it is only on 978. Many other privately owned GA aircraft only have 978 because it was the most inexpensive way to have ADS-B out. So I know there are more aircraft out there and I am only geting them if they are within about 7 miles from my home. I watched one this morning and as it flew away at just over 7 miles it dropped off my screen. So I suspect it is the antenna type and/or location.

I have the orange dongle. If I configure it for 1090, can I change it back to 978? I have a 1090 antenna so if I can change it to 1090 and then back to 978 I will try that. How to I change it to 1090?


Yes you can.

Change the receiver type … basically the reverse of what you did.
I don’t know the exact piaware-config commands, maybe someone else can post them :slight_smile:

STEP-3: Install dump1090-fa

Install dump1090-fa
sudo apt install dump1090-fa  

Remove Dump 978
sudo apt remove dump978-fa

sudo reboot  

After the reboot you are running on dump1090-fa.

Is you want to revert back to dump 978-fa

Install dump978-fa
sudo apt install dump978-fa  

Remove Dump 1090
sudo apt remove dump1090-fa

sudo reboot  

So it looks to me like I would set receiver-type to sdr and set uat-receiver-type to none and change the antennas to the 1090 antenna.

Could someone confirm those are the correct changes to go from receiving 978 to receiving 1090?


I’d assume it’s a piaware image … not that it was specified.
But on the piaware image no installing / removing is necessary.

Just give it a try :slight_smile:

You know how to change the configuration back so there is no harm.

This is what my config states for a prostick plus


You could be right about that, it wasn’t stated and in case of an image then the dump doesn’t need to be changed indeed.

I’m in between two GA airports, one 4 miles away one, the other 8 miles away with a 3rd GA airport to the East 4 miles away.

A busy recent day was 12/23, 56 UAT planes out of a 3337 total.

I should add I’m in the Northeast, so a busy summer day was probably higher.