Drunk pilot can't find runway

Drunk pilot can’t find runway, details HERE :open_mouth:

I think the Luftwaffe should’ve scrambled a couple Tornados and ended this incident then and there. :imp:

You couldn’t pay me to get near a drunk pilot in a fixed wing aircraft with a slow-moving chopper – what if the idiot tries to scare you by buzzing between the two choppers he sees?

I can’t imagine someone flying 50+ miles to pick up this yahoo so he can follow the whirlybird home to his roost. The whole story doesn’t make sense.

Darwinian selection is tempting, I admit, but then you still have a pickle-head flying back and forth over your neighbors, looking for a place to put a smoking hole. Also, maybe the chopper pilot knew the drunk’s family, and had to try.

They didn’t say what kind of AC were involved. For example, evidently a Bell 407 can stay away from a 172, plus he had a big BAC advantage.

Drunk pilots caught on video at bar

Time for a classic:

Really flyin high!

Ah! the good ol TV days. How I miss them.