Drunk United pilot arrested


That is crazy… :unamused:

Looks like maybe todays pilot of this flight was a little tipsy too! :slight_smile:

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … /EGLL/KORD

Wow. Why would he do that???

It’s a flightaware error

Oh, OK.

Does anyone know United’s policy, or the industry standard for airline pilots? Is it 8 hr’s from consumption and less than .04 BAC, like the FAR’s read, or something much more strict? On the news they said United’s pilots have the strictest policy concerning alcohol.

Zero tolerance

Zero tolerance is a nice buzzword, but it really doesn’t explain policy. The army has a zero tolerance rule for its aviators also, but its twelve hours from bottle to throttle.

Drunk Pilots - YouTube)

Really? Used to be eight hours, at least for fixed wing.

I know the USAF has been twelve hours bottle to throttle forever, if only on paper.

It depends how much you drank and how fast you burn it off. Speaking only for myself, sometimes eight hours just isn’t long enough.

That means if they give you a test and you have ANY alcohol in your system you are in violation regardless of how long its been since you’ve drank.
that is one reason most guys won’t use mouth wash.

This month’s Jumpseat column in Flying Magazine mentions a book written by the flight engineer of the infamous drunk crew of NWA Flight 650 in March of 1990…

He’s flying for American Airlines now! :wink:


i love this i checked that link again and it shows that flight was opp’d by an a320, haha kind of a long distance no, hahahttp://flightaware.com/live/flight/ … /EGLL/KORD

Okay, we need a couple of things here:
Make sure you leave a space between the HTTP: and what is behind it
Make sure there is a space after the last part of the URL
Make sure you copy the entire URL
Here’s the flight in question

flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … /EGLL/KORD

The aircraft type is obviously an error.

At the risk of getting irking long timers here (again!), my suggestion is, as a new user, to browse through the forums and the questions/answers (top right, every page) to get a good idea of FlightAware.

Finally, what does this have to do with drunk pilots?

tried deleting the post earlier after i posted it and it was a joke originally about how flight aware error’d and has the flight line messed up near ohare