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Does anyone know good watching spots at KSDF?

Does anyone know good spotting places at KSDF Louisville Stanford Field? I already watch planes from 4800 Crittenton Dr. and The cell phone lot, both at 17R. My house is next to 17L, and sometimes I go to VCF (Value City Furniture) which is a pretty good spot. Picture from that location here: Photo of Delta B738 (N3739DL) - FlightAware for 35L, i use A restaurant on Grade Ln. called stooges bar and Grill. pretty good, but kind of hard to see the paint job. and if anyone knows of any good spots, don’t suggest anything that’s like the UPS parking lot or someplace where the police will come ask you to leave or something. i mainly need good spots for 35R, 17R, and 29.