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Plane spotting locations in and around LA County.

I’m looking for new spots to catch planes at. Any suggestions? Already plane spot from KLAX and KSMO. Are there spotting locations at airports like Van Nuys, Whiteman, Ontario, Santa Ana, Burbank, Avalon, and Carlsbad? And if so can you please have a link or cross streets to those place. Already asked in other non-aviation sites and looked at some sites that weren’t any help. Thanks in advance.

KLGB…the airport is surrounded with city streets that offer good viewing spots.

On the east side of the airport is a Marriott hotel and a small business complex, with parking lots right next to the approach end of RY30. A small stepladder is useful to see over the concrete wall on some parts of the lot. (Lakewood Blvd north off the 405, turn right on Spring St, turn into the Marriott parking lot at the first light and go behind the buildings).

On the west side of the approach end of Ry30 is the Kilroy Center, another big business center with a parking lot (with a little better view through a big chain link fence.) (Lakewood north exit off the 405, turn left on Spring Street, go under the tunnel, turn left into Kilroy Center just out of the tunnel. Wander around to your left until you are in the big lot.)

On the north side of the airport is a newer commercial area, Douglas Park. (Lakewood north again, about a mile up, turn left on to Conant.) On your left there are a couple of parking lots, immediately north of 25R ( the runway is closed until May).

To the north of Conant Street about a half mile is Cover Street, which crosses the departure end of Ry 30 between Paramount and Cherry Avenues. There is a small street (Pixie Avenue), between two RV storage places, with a place to park less than a hundred yards from the extended centerline.

Signal Hill overlooks the airport, and Discovery Well Park (the first oil well in Signal Hill) is at the corner of Temple and Hill Streets. Good scenic view of the entire airport, all the surrounding mountains, our beautiful 405 freeway, and especially the arrivals to RY 30. Great place to watch the full moon rise.

Ok, thanks for the info. Have to check it out.

I’ll have to pull out my DVD of One Six Right to confirm it, but I believe there is a park/designated spotting area on the field at KVNY where you can sit and planespot. I can’t remember which side of the field it is on, though. I remember seeing it on the movie, and am pretty sure it is still there.

Either way, the 94th Aero Squadron would be a good place to planespot from at KVNY.


Ok, thanks. I will check that place out.

About Van Nuys airport. Do anyone know when its a good day to go (To see planes like the BBJ’s, older Gulfstreams turbo-jet planes, G5S-G650S, AND Bombardier Globals)?

To be honest, your answer is FlightAware!

Seriously, if you track by airport, and see the en-route arrivals, you should be able to see what is coming in, and when. Find the plane you are looking for, figure out the estimated arrival time, get there about 45 minutes to an hour ahead of time, and bring your scanner (if you have one and have the proper frequencies for SoCal Approach programmed) or hit up the LiveATC.net feed, and listen to and watch the flight come in.

Doesn’t get any easier than that. :slight_smile:


VNY: 94th Aero squadron. Outdoors obviously.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Flightaware is helpful most times. But can’t track all day en-routes and/or departures in the mornings. I wanted to know if anyone does the same thing at Van Nuys or works there and they know a total day worth of those planes I mentioned and best time 2 go.

Van Nuys is one of the busiest airports in the country especially for business jets. Going out on a limb I would say there are quite a few departures of local airplanes before 9AM and arrivals after 3 PM. For visiting airplanes the reverse would be true, arrivals before 10 and departures after 3. Having said that there is activity all day.

VNY would be at the top of my spotting wish list along with TEB and PBI, and you got to remember most of the really cool biz-jets you’re after are blocked so catching them is that much better!

OK, thanks for the info.