Spotting at PHX

Any good known spotting locations at PHX other than the parking garages? And how do you get to them?

I asked the same thing on the FlyerTalk forums a couple years ago and got the following reply:

There’s a good spot at PHX at the end of 40th St. off University Ave. Drive or walk up the bank and the whole length of 25R and 25L are in front of you across the river. For views of the north runway, anywhere along Air Lane, South of the tracks near 40th St. would work too.

They said as long as you stay on the river bank (i.e. don’t try to walk down into the normally dry riverbed) you shouldn’t have any issues. Of course that’s what I was told in 2013 when I asked so things may have changed since then. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go check that spot out when I was there (stupid summer monsoon!) and my last few trips I hadn’t thought about trying again. One bad thing about PHX is they really don’t get a big variety of aircraft there. The general consensus though was that the T3 and T4 garages offer the best (and safest) views of the runways.

Hope this helps…from the phxspotters guys, great website with useful info