Omaha Spotting Question

Has anyone done any planespotting at Eppley Field lately? I was wondering if they were okay with using the parking garage for watching planes from?


couple of numbers to call at bottom of page, always better to contact them first.

Depends on what you’re wanting to see. There really isn’t any real dedicated spotting areas there. But I found the best to be on the east side of the 24 hour Post office northwest of the airport. From downtown Omaha, keep going north on Abbott Drive, past the airport. Turn right on Lindbergh Drive (The post office will be on your right). Go a bit past there, and you should be able to park there. That puts you on the approach path, if not right inline with the PAPIs for 14R. Sit, and enjoy, as 14R/32L is the designated calm wind runway.

If you want, you can keep going on Lindbergh, as it takes you around the airport to the GA side of the field. You could park there, do a bit of spotting, and stop by the FBOs. They may be able to tell you a couple of other places to spot from.


I have never had any problems or issues using the parking garage. Usually only smokers up on the top level anyway.
I would be careful on Lindbergh Dr as there are a lot of no parking/stopping signs. That does seem to be patrolled quite heavily, especially with the construction.
An interesting spot is south of the terminal. There is a parking lot at Carter Lake, just across from the taxi staging. Park there and walk across Abbott Dr. There is a walking trail to a little knoll. Gets you good views above the fence.