does any body know?


what airplane number KISS will use?


Your post’s subject is very informative and intuitive, you must be a literacy savant

As far as the “number” goes, are you referring to the tail number? Odds are they fly on various aircraft through a fractional aircraft ownership program, such as NexJets.

If they do have a dedicated aircraft the tailnumber is probably blocked so even if you knew the tail number you would be unable to track the aircraft flights… unless you happen to be the owner!


“The Hottest Band in the World…KISS” 2010 world tour, brought to you by
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Maybe so, but they spare us the pain of looking at them by schmering thier faces with paint. Really does work, they don’t look a day older than when they started.


Old ain’t so bad…


Old=experience …


The photo must be phake with that tail number. Phaag?


not fake. ph=netherlands registration.