display bug and editing http://flightaware.com/live/alerts/


When I add a tail number for an alert, it looks like the dividing line between ‘Alert Conditions’ and ‘Alert Methods’ is in the wrong place - it is between ‘E-mail’ and ‘Mobile E-mail’ instead of between ‘Diverted’ and ‘E-mail’.

Also, it is somewhat confusing that all of the options are in a different order on the actual edit page than they are on the summary page.

They’re also listed as ‘Alert Types’ and ‘Notification Methods’ on the edit page (and also backwards from the summary page) vs the aforementioned ‘Alert Conditions’ and ‘Alert Methods’.

Also, no way I can see to delete an alert.

Just a helpful suggestion to try to clean up some language.


I’m not seeing that. Can you provide a screenshot?

Good catch.

Try the button labelled “Delete this alert.” It was added after your original post.

For the stats junkies out there, we’ve sent out about 12000 flight alerts since releasing the feature.


I’m impressed Mark, that’s a lot of “traffic”.


Basically, the vertical line in the dark blue header should be closer to where I have drawn my awesome arrows instead of where it is now…


Excellent, thanks.