iPhone App problem


A few weeks ago the “Notify Me” function of your iphone app stopped working on both my wife’s and my iphone. It had been working great up to this point (after the last update that got it working again). I’ve tried logging in and out, uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as making sure that my account settings were correct. The alert settings for my account are enabled and it shows our iphones listed. Push notifications are turned on in my phone settings. I haven’t had any push notification problems with any other apps. Not sure what else to do. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the app, again? Any suggestions? This is the greatest function of your app. Really, it’s the only reason I use the app. Otherwise, I use the mobile Safari version. Thanks for your help!



It appears to be an issue with the alerts triggering rather than an iPhone delivery issue.
I see you edited all three alerts at ~1412Z this morning, what changes did you make? Possibly a change to the end date from 2010 to 2011?

Feel free to contact me via email (username @ flightaware.com) if you don’t want to discuss this in public.


After I posted this, I checked my settings again and discovered that the changes I made a few days ago did not save. So, yes I did make some changes again today. A few days ago when I was trying to sort this out, I discovered that under my account settings, the 3 flight alerts that I have were not enabled and some of the options (arrival, diverted, etc) were not how I last left them. So, I enabled the alerts for all 3 tail numbers I have set and checked the boxes for all types of alerts as well as set the end date for one year from now. Well, that didn’t seem to solve the problem. Still no alerts. I then checked it again to day to discover that the alert for tail number “N—HT” was now disabled and the other two were enabled but only for filed and canceled, and start and end date were both today’s date. So, that is what I “fixed” today. I enabled all 3 tail numbers, selected all the alert options, and changed the end date to one year from now. Maybe this is not getting saved for some reason?


The default behavior when setting up an alert in the app is “on the flight” (filed only) and for one day only (non-recurring). You can choose “meeting the flight” (all alerts) and recurring if you want. It sounds like you (or someone on one of your other iDevices) have been recreating them on the device with the default (today/filed) behavior.

The way they are right now they should trigger on all events next time the aircraft fly.


Ok. Thanks for the help! At least I know it’s not the app and it’s something I (or my wife) is doing. Plus, I always wondered what the specific difference was between “on the flight” and “meeting the flight”. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it starts working again for me. Thanks again!