Damn- yet another one




The link isn’t working, or I cant find what you’re talking about. Assuming your talking about the NWA 757 emer landing on the 20th or 21st?

Video on Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SlqKvjaYZM

Or has another one today made an emer landing?


I think that he’s talking about this one:



Ahh ok! I misread Daytona as Dayton! :blush: DOH!



It’s no problem, a lot of foreign travel agents misread it too (um, where’s the beach).

I remember watching that emergency landing as I was selling programs.


Another AIRBUS incident!

(I know, I know - I’m just sayin’…) :smiley:


Sayin’ what, exactly ? I don’t notice you piping up every time a 757/767 diverts due to smoke. And a lot of them have.



We like to kick people when they are down :smiling_imp:


I guess you just weren’t payin’ attention! :wink:
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