American 1720 emer landing??

We just got diverted back to dfw and heard engine fire. Landed safe. Can someone confirm what happened?

American 1720 dfw to iad

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So we got on 2nd airplane right after and during taxi, had “flight control problems”. Went back to gate, but had to wait 2 hours or so for maintence to swap out the flight control box (???)

I’m not a pilot so not experienced enough to know what they swapped out, but now we’re in the air, and I’m posting from in-flight wifi :slight_smile:

The emer landing was rather scary – first time in my life I’ve gone through that. My friend took some pics of the guys in foil suits and emergency vehicles on runway, I’ll try to get them from him and post them.

Any additional information anyone can find about this particular flight would be appreciated.


Engine Fire was prob a probe that failed - which failed showing a fire.

Control box was prob a voltage spike from the probe that failed . . .

To clarify:

We’re talking about two different physical airplanes. After the “fire” that the captain later said was a “air leak that was causing the engine to get weaker” (Still unsure what exactly happened), we were told the emergency workers took the plane out of service. We got off, and got on a different physical airplane. While taxing in that physical airplane, we had flight control issues that caused us to further be 2.5 hr delayed.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the tail numbers for both.

I would like to point out, publicly, that this sucked and scared the piss out of me – but still much love to the flight crew - they did well and the best they could. Plus, the completely full flight of pax took it all in humor.

“This is a non-stop flight to Dulles” says the captain.

PAX says loudly “No sir, this is a non-start flight to nowhere.”

:slight_smile: But no one was pissed really. The flight crew did alright.