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CRJ-900 poor air circulation?

I flew MES3556, OMA-MSP today. It was my first trip on a CRJ-900.

The cabin was very stuffy during the entire flight and adjusting the air vent over my seat accomplished nothing. There was nothing but a trickle of air coming from the vent. I asked the flight attendant about the problem and she said, “you’re not the first to complain.”

Is this a problem with CRJ-900’s? Or is it limited to Mesaba?

I noticed another flaw in the Mesaba planes; while the first class seats are, of course, perfect, the coach seats are improperly spaced and you have to lean way up to see out of the window.


Mesaba is one of the few airlines to fly the CRJ NextGen, so the problem you’re experiencing is only with NextGens.

Also, the spacing problem is present on US Airways’ Mesa CRJ-900’s.

I can attest to the uncomfortable seating on the CRJ. Visibility was poor but for me I had to bend my head down to see out.

Now that’s one thing different (and good) about the CRJ-900 versus a -100 or -200. You sit lower in the fuselage, so you don’t get the kink in your neck from having to look down and to the left (or right) to see out of the window.

The seats were pretty comfortable, nothing fancy, but better than a first or second generation CRJ. Not nearly as nice as an ERJ, however.

I fly on Mesaba/Pinnacle CRJ-900s all the time DSM-MSP/DSM-DTW/DSM-MEM and I have yet to experience the stuffiness you describe. The window spacing thing hasn’t been so annoying that I’ve felt the need to whine about it.

The “Bending down” problem has been solved on the CRJ NextGen, but is still present in earlier CRJ-900’s (such as those flown by Mesa).

Pinnacle doesn’t fly CRJ-900’s for NW. They are beginning to fly some for DL though and I believe they are NextGens.

The seats themselves are up to the airline. NW has very different interiors from United which has very different interiors from US Airways which has very different interiors from Delta and there can even be differences within a fleet depending on where the aircraft came from.

I think others have mentioned this but the windows were were put higher up and the CRJ-700, and CRJ-900. You would have to be pretty tall to say the these windows are low on the CRJ-700/900.

I have never heard about the air stiffness problem. The more interesting thing is that the FA’s comment makes it clear that this is a recurring problem.

Perhaps it’s been an issue with that particular aircraft and she has fielded a complaints on it, but to say it’s a common problem of the type is a stretch.

My own experience with uncomfortable air circulation conditions on the CRJ900: https://barneymccoy.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/delta-airlines-experience-good-service-lousy-commuter-planes/