737 Configuration

I fly quite bit on Continental and as their fleet is now predominantly 737-800s I have observed that seat 8A does not have a window. There is room for one on the fuselage but the cutout simply is not there (really ticked me off when I had reserved that window seat thinking it was a good one being ahead of the wing and all). This is only on the left side, there is no corresponding gap on the right.

COA Customer Service was unable to offer an explanation as to why this is and my only theory would be that the row is in line with the turbine disc of te left eine and that the direction of engine turbine rotation would send the disc into the fuselage at that point. This would explain why it might not be necessary to have this gap on the right side…but I don’t know if that is the case with all airlines that operate this aircraft.

Anyone with any insight into this?

According to SEATGURU, Continental has two different versions of the 738s. Version 1 only has a missing window at 8A, and version 2 has windows missing at 8A, 8F and 9A. No explanation is given for the lack of windows there, but use their site to aid in choosing better seats in the future.

It’s not just a Continental configuration. Photos of -800s and -900s at AIRLINERS.net show the windows missing on all airlines. My guess would be some cables, duct work or other system part(s) is taking up that valuable space between the cabin wall and the plane’s skin.

You could CONTACT BOEING. They would be a better source for the answer than the airline.

It’s the location of the air conditioning ducts bringing air from the engines.
You’ll find “blocked” window rows on just about every modern airliner; frequent flyers get to know where (roughly) they are and how to avoid them (row 8 on a 73G, row 12 on a 762 etc. but of course it varies by airline). These ducts will be located somewhere close to in-line with the engines/leading edge of the wing, so any row mid-wing or further back will be OK. As will the forward (J/F) cabin.

Thanks for the responses. Continental had pointed me to SeatGuru as well—it is a valuable resource and I have bookmarked it.

Delta’s fleet of 757’s are also missing windows on both sides around rows 22 and 23.

Had an early AM flight out of Key West connecting in Miami to an AA Airbus A300 (AB6) to Boston. I had seat 9J, which unknow to me had the missing window, it was before I found Seatguru (9A is the same way). The flight out of KW was delayed so when I got to Miami I had to sprint to the next plane. I was just about the last person on. When I got to my row I noticed the girl sitting in the seat next to me. Well I should say I smelled the patchouli oil she was wearing first. Then I noticed the missing window, her dirty overalls, and very messy dreadlocks. I said “excuse me” as I was about to make my way to the seat and then said “Nevermind” as I noticed that the middle row 2 rows back were totally empty. A pilot was Deadheading (no pun intended) in the row behind and said “I don’t blame ya…pewww” as I sat down. We had a good laugh. After a late night and eary morning in KW it was nice to spread out and sleep almost the whole way home.