Best / Worst Aircraft for Window Seats

I am in the middle of a trip to Montreal this weekend. This is the first time I have been on a Canadair CRJ-200 and I think it has just about the worse view through the window of any plane I have ever been on next to a cargo aircraft. I try to book the best seat for viewing taxi, take off, landmarks and landings, but the CRJ put my eyes about ten inches above the top of the windows frame. Had to bend parallel to the floor to see out. Seating was also very cramped.

Past threads have links ( linkies) to sites that help you find the best seat, but I am not on ‘my’ computer now.

Though not my favorite aircraft, I think the Dash-8 has the best view. Large windows and high wing give great overall view from any seat.

Best : Dash-8 :slight_smile:

Worst : CRJ-200 :cry: has many airlines with their aircraft. I use it when I fly.

Worst: CRJ

Best: Gulfstream IV/V

Same experience. Pinnacle 5664 MSP-DAY CRJ2.

Never fly on N402QX on seat 25D. It is the worst window I have ever seen. I think the only person here who has to worry about that is wazzu.

When were you on one? Was it at an airshow? Or was it owned by one of the companies you were/are part of?

+1, i work at an airport and see them now and then I have been inside and the short answer is “yes” the GV is the “crme de la crme”

Airliners: 747 & 777

Private: all King Air and Gulfstream models

I don’t really agree with the Dash 8 high reviews. The high wing is nice but the engine is in the way for most seats, not so bad on the -400 as the -200. I think the cabin of the CRJ and Dash 8 are identical, including window level.

One of the positive reviews on the new Cessna Mustang said the windows are placed higher on the cabin, helping to create a more bright and roomy feel. They are also larger, oval shaped windows, a departure from it’s lineage.

In my opinion the key to a great airline seat is to be in front of the wing and engine. In a 737, you are limited to a few rows forward of the engine/wing and aft of the first class fence. Some airlines hold these seats and about 50% of the time you can get one if you ask for it at check in. (Citation X see your private message).

CRJ-900 and Dash_8 seem to be very similar, both have good outward view. Engine on Dash does block runway fun, but once in the air, great view of things going on down below.

As for CRJ-200, windows are smaller and situated lower. I don’t ever remember having to bend over to look out an aircraft window.

B737 / 727 always have great outward view as well.

I’ve seen a few on the ramp and at shows. Here are some cabin shots:

Dash 8’s are way too loud from inside for my taste.

Have you been on the Q series Dash 8’s? They have a noise dampening system in the cabin and the -400 has 6 blade q-tip props. I think the -400 is more quiet than many airline jets (unless you are right next to the engine). Frontier is starting a regional airline at DEN with the -400.

For quiet ride, sitting far forward in the MD-80/90 series is delightful. First class is dreamy!

I guess I haven’t been on a Q series, they must have all been some combination of 100, 200, or 300 series. I’m always wishing I had my ANR headset with me!

You’re right about the MD80/88. When my wife and I visited California last month we had Super 80’s on three out of four legs. One of the trips was row 30. It is hard to enjoy a flight with a gigantic engine 12 inches from your head. One of the other legs was row 8, and it was whisper quiet (relatively speaking).

It seems most airplane’s best seats usually depends on where you’re sitting.

Did you get a pic of the blades?

cfijames, the Q400 I was on wasn’t noisy inside. I was seated all the way in the back.

On the MD80s they tend to stick the blades inside those big aluminum cans.

Makes it real hard to get pics of them!

Looking straight out the window was pointless, but if I leaned way over and pointed forward I could see out.

Those Gulfstream shots are great. Nice views! [The interior ain’t so shabby either. :wink: ]

Did I miss something in the pictures?

I think we both missed the party CCX and planeaholic were at!

Well I’m sure most of you are all under 6 feet in height. As for me I see more of the A/C Ventilation duct above me than the clouds outside while while going to visit my mom and dad in Honolulu or my In-Laws in Hilo Town.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ll let you get this one dad.

Best Jetblue a320 or erj-145 on the left side of the plane (but that was when I was shorter so I don’t know now)

Worst crj-200 went on 2 of them because of the cheap price. :laughing: