Wrong acft type?


JZA8942/18Jan showing on maps as CRJ900. Jazz only has CRJ100/200 and CRJ705.


It’s listed that way everyday and that info is probably input by the airline. I think the CRJ-705 is a derivative of and shares crew commonality with the CRJ-900 not the CRJ-700.

Here’s the flight:


wazzu90 would be correct. The CRJ705 is a CRJ900 airframe (hence the type designator) with a 75 seat layout providing more passenger comfort than the standard 90 seat layout of the CRJ900. Jazz was the launch customer for the CRJ705 derivative.


I think the 900 is a bit longer. But as said the CRJ700, and 900 share type ratings, and I’m pretty sure that type rating is for the 100/200 as well. I’ve seen tons of type errors because of the way it’s entered. I looked up KDEC and there was a BE19 showing in the arrivals so I went to check who and what a BE19 was. It was Suburban Air Freight and I know they fly the BE 1900 or BE1, just an error when they filed.


The CRJ900 is longer than the CRJ700. But the CRJ705 is the same airframe as the CRJ900.

CRJ705 Dimensions
CRJ900 Dimensions

The CRJ705 was developed for Air Canada Jazz who wanted the payload and cabin length of the CRJ900 for longer haul routes and only configure it for 75 seats, which provided a greater seat pitch (34") for more comfort. The CRJ900 is tyically configured for 86-90 seats with only a 31" pitch.

I see what you mean with Suburban Air Freight, sometimes they get it right with B190 and sometimes they get it wrong with BE19. But I think that the Jazz dispatch system is a little more sophisticated, plus the fact that Jazz doesn’t operate any CRJ700’s.


The CRJ900 is longer than the CRJ700. But the CRJ705 is the same airframe as the CRJ900.

Ok, I think I misunderstood what you were going for, I thought you meant the same dimensions just different cabin config. Yeah, obviously the same basic aircraft unlike it’s earlier brother the CRJ100-200 family.

Yeah I’m sure AC has a pretty technical dispatch system. It seems like the errors I see are from small companies such as a Suburban or even more so guys that are filing part 91 flights in their own a/c. Right now there are two Mooney’s in the in flight aircraft one is M20F and one is M20C. There is no aircraft type next to them so I’m assuming these are invalid assignments.

Those just make it more fun to figure out the real aircraft type. If it is an aircraft operating on its own N number, you can look that up for the real type.


Just a point of note here in terms of CRJ’s, the 705 config ’ IS ’ much more comfortable than either the 100/200 or 900. I can’t believe that Air Canada was thinking about passenger comfort when they ordered it. :wink:

However, if given the choice, I like the E-70 / 90’s better in terms of comfort / visibility plus the Embraer’s have seat back entertainment systems.


I should have done a little homework too. The 705 and the 900 have the same length fuselage; the 700 series is 106ft 8in long and the 705 and 900 series are 119ft 4in long.

The Jazz 705s do have a seat back IFE system(I’ve flown on them; very comfortable), the 100/200 have a “make your own” IFE system(I’ve flown on these a lot and you do meet more people when you talk to your seatmates).

Here’s the link to the Bombardier CRJ website if anyone’s interested. http://www.crj.bombardier.com/CRJ/en/home.jsp

So maybe the “900” tag on the flights is correct?


Forgot about the in flight system on the CRJ. Usually, I have pressed the " screen " icons too fast and I end up watching something a few seats up. :wink:


Got to have patience! It’s not high-speed internet.