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Crappy way to lose a streak

Went out with the 5th wheel for the weekend. And I found out today I was offline. So I go into my room where its kept and somehow the Power Supply had fell out of the socket.


how long… Lost mine when the wife refused to check it when I was out of town…

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1836 days (10/7/2015 - 10/15/2020)

I actually started 12/26/2014 but I had to move the unit and when i reconnected I got a different MAC address. It was the same mac but it added my user name to the front. People had been spoofing mac but I didn’t want to do that. Glad they went with the unique ID. Would have helped.

It was off from Thursday about 2 hours after I left till a few hours after I got back. I didn’t think to check it while away and didn’t get any notices. I had someone at the house that could have plugged it back in.

Oh that sucks - You don’t have the option to alert you by email when it goes down turned on?

Thought I did, had them before. Will have to see if I can find it and see if it changed.

EDIT, just checked and it says notify after 6 hours outage. But I checked my Emails and nothing came in.

I had a 3 day outage a few weeks ago due to a faulty modem which took 3 days for my ISP to replace. I’m now running a 4G failover WAN just in case this happens again, lol. Gotta protect those stats!

The streak isnt a biggie, just a crappy way to lose it. I dont want to invest in a 4g failover just for that :slight_smile:

I have a battery powered ESP-01S that is logging temperature every 10min and then goes into deep-sleep, I will try to make it also ping my Flightware feeder every 10min and if it fails I will get a Telegram message. Yesterday I almost lost my streak due to my wifi to ethernet converter hang.

I have the free version of PRTG network monitor running on the same PC that runs Essex radar so hopefully I’ll know if any of my essential items fail.

Unless that PC fails!

Why are we caring about stats? Is there a reason?

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Im not, just figured it was a crappy way to lose a streak.


The Pi was still logged into FA, so came back up after logging in and rebooting.
Seems Dump1090 had dropped it’s bundle.

I’m not local, so that was the limit of my diagnostics.