The streak is over...

Went on the road and someone at home pulled the plug on my pi… 623 days… sigh… lol


It looks like data was received until about 1800 EDT yesterday. If there is someone who can plug it back in, you may be able to continue your streak. You have a few hours as I type this.

The feeder check in of “three days ago” appears to be bogus. What’s with that, FA?

Rounding up, I guess.

select last_checkin, now() - last_checkin ...]
    last_checkin     |        ?column?        
 2017-05-22 03:16:26 | 2 days 12:52:18.022708

Given that it’s an ancient version of piaware I’d suspect a failure that made the health updates stop working some time before the connection was entirely lost (the connection wasn’t actually lost until May 23 21:58:24)

Sorry about that Jim. :frowning: :frowning:

Ancient or not, still supported. I have a new pi. Ready to put it up. I just am waiting for the ability for FA to migrate the MAC id based identification to the feeder id so I don’t have to kludge together spoofing the address. Any word on that?

Still supported in the sense that we accept data from it. I can’t provide support for problems in very old versions though.

The uuid changeover will happen at some point but i do not have a firm ETA and i probably won’t have one until it is actually done and deployed.

Just wanna feed data… All I need to do I go plug it in, probably. If it’s dead, I’ll more than likely standup the new Pi just skip the old stats and start from scratch.

Thanks for the update on the uuid.

Yup… someone pulled the plug… it’s back up and running… time for a new streak!

I came close to losing mine after a brownout during thunderstorm made pi angry.

843 days (2/6/2015 - 5/28/2017)

Nice!!! I’m on day 2 of the new one!!