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Covid-19 does it show up on statistics yet

I was just wondering since many airlines have started cutting flights between affected regions if the statistics collections reflect any sort of trend especially in the most affected regions and countries.

The other point to make is that with the extensive coverage of world flights Flight Aware has data that could support the World Health Organisation in tracking down local outbreaks of the virus as if it takes 14 days to incubate then surely Flight Aware would have details of all flights to and from say the affected part of ITALY in the fourteen days prior to the first case being announced and all flights thereafter. It seem many new countries that have now got one case involve visitors to the northern part of ITALY. And since nearly all of these cases involved air travel then FlightAware could be of great help in the tracking down process.

So far over Europe there are only flights from/to China impacted, which always was a low part of the overall traffic

I do not have a significant drop in aircraft on a daily basis so far.
Last 2 weeks with the normal deviation.

it will be interesting to see the next two weeks when the airlines start maling European destination cuts

No indications on that so far. Today looks still like a typical friday here.

Same here in Mauritius we still get daily flights from Italy,France , Dubai , Hong Kong , Australia, UK , Germany etc. The factor here is that we have many flights to and from parts of southern sub-sahars Africa as well which could be more of an issue in the coming future. Our other risk is that the nearest island is part of France - Reunion Island where of course there is a lot of flights to and from mainland France and a close interaction with Mauritius in local trade etc. So I summarise that air-travel has opened up the world for everyone to visit and do business with but at the same time has given these virus outbreaks a means to travel between continents as well

Air Seychelles will be suspending flights to Mauritius shortly so if other airlines start to do the same then yes here we will have less aircraft movements in the coming weeks. We have escaped so far from any cases of COVID-19 in Mauritius and there is no lockdown yet. But I suspect that with only one national airport then it is easy to curtail many flights rapidly if the situation got to the point where it had to be done. However of course with individual countries in Europe now on lock-down the effect is that many people will not come here soon for holidays and this will prompt airlines to cancel flights as well as the government making all visitors from affected areas having to satisfy health and quarantine requirements before entry. Thus globally the statistics will start to show a downward curve in the number of flights recorded in the coming days and weeks

Airspace is getting more and more quiet in Europe

German Lufthansa will cancel almost all flights, independent from the destination
Turkish canelled all flights to eight countries in Europe starting Saturday

i think that there will be a gradual decline in numbers but of course many airlines use their passenger flights to carry several tonnes of cargo. Cargo is a business operation in its own right and with less passenger weights and luggage some routes could fly without passengers and still make an income that is profitable for an airline. This is true perhaps as nearly every aircraft has rows of seats that can be removed and thus free up space perhaps for some parcel goods or small freight items. I suspect that many countries that rely on importation of food-stuffs and many other daily commodities will still alow freight only aircraft into the country as supplies including urgent medical equipment etc still need to be received by countries that are affected by this virus. You cannot just shut down everything when there are urgent needs

Many airlines over Europe will have a significant impact. LH is grounding most of the fleet, Ryanair will do the same, other carriers will follow.

I’ve not noticed a significant change in traffic over my Austin, TX location yet.

I remember reading some time ago that this is how low cost airlines make money. Cargo will not replace business traveller’s income, but I think it’s more profitable than ‘cattle’ class. :wink:

Mauritius is in lock-down from 06:00 today flight counts down a lot today so far

Here in Sweden, some 180km north of our largest airport (ARN) it’s really showing by now:

I have a decent location and good range, about 50% of the aircrafts I see are between the middle east and the US and asia and EU. Domestic flights are down a lot.

Next week I suspect that 300 aircrafts in a day will be a busy day.

I’ve only been up less than a week but am also seeing a decrease in day traffic. With such a short data set to try to pull trends it’s hard to say that the covid trend is what I’m seeing but traffic is down through this week here. It’s why I came to the forums - the decrease I’m seeing is down by about 1/3 from the start of this week so I was wondering if others were seeing it too.

Here at FIMP (Mauritius) we are in TOTAL LOCKDOWN as from today , flights have been restricted for past few days probably just to re-position aircraft . Today the number of flights will be around 50% of a normal day and FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY are the normal busy days

Hello. I would be curious to see an update on this nifty graph of yours…
New to this forum but have been ‘live tracking’ every day from Fulton County, GA.
I’m fascinated by these recent trends and hope you could compile the most recent numbers for me/us.
Thank you and good day.

Hi Karen and welcome to the forum.

The nifty graphs above are from the statistics page of users who collect data about aircraft and forward it to flightaware.

Go to this page and zoom in and find a receiver near your area of interest and then click on the operators name to take you to their statistics page and all those graphs.

At the bottom of the page you can find other stations nearby.

For $100 you can build your own receiver and see what is happening with in a few hundred miles around you. Instructions here



I posted earlier that I hadn’t noticed a significant drop. However, it’s been reduced by about 30% since my previous post.

I have two receivers. For this graph, I chose the less sensitive one in order to be more local, since I created it for a similar question from someone in my neighborhood. The graph has two lines. One is daily aircraft. The other is a 7 day average, designed to cancel out the weekly spikes. My location is in ZIP 78757 in Austin, TX.

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Near Akron, Ohio, USA (South of Cleveland)…down 35%-40%. Primarily since 3/18.