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Covid-19 does it show up on statistics yet

Starting to see the drop in Northern Virginia

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The trend is obvious. Approx 1/3 of the traffic that I normally would see this time of year.

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same here.


almost 80% drop in reported positions and 70% in number of aircraft from the daily average
drop started two weeks ago


Mauritius 18th March First cases


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When posting your stats, can you also post your location? The change in traffic apparently varies by location.

The closest airport is documented in the profile of the receiver

Of course, but if people are posting images, how can we tell what receiver it was taken from? It’s a simple matter to post the location in a reply.

Location is between Buffalo, NY and Toronto, On Ca. (less than 2 miles from Canada) Wednesdays are the busiest days of the week for me but today (Wednesday) it is far less than half (maybe a third) of two weeks ago. This is very scary and I am very concerned about a recovery from this.

Thank you much. Everyone has been helpful.

This pic is for my location over North / Central Germany, Benelux to Denmark / South Sweden with many oversea flights to the US and UK. Many asian / arabic airline long haul flights to LHR, but since corona virus it goes all fast down.

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Near AMS!

The number of the receiver should be visible in the image, otherwise it does make sense only if it’s the only receiver, i agree.


Location: 35 miles west of Frankfurt International Airport (EDDF). Normally the airspace in this area is pretty busy not only for this airport but also lots of routes across germany. On a normal day i am getting up to 120-130 aircraft, in summer even more. Currently my receiver is happy getting > 30

Last 30 days. Graph is 0 during night times because i shut it down between midnight and 6am (different reason):