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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

I am not noticing any drop in flights near BWI Airport. Any interesting stats on global #flights?

I’m seeing a general downward trend

Slot rules are still in effect, so airlines will still be making flights where there is reduced demand to maintain their slots. If the slot rules are suspended then I think there will be more flights cancelled. IATA have requested that it happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s starting to appear in mainstream news now so I expect there will be more pressure for it, and especially if the virus situation worsens.

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I can’t imagine there will be much traffic in and out of Italian airports for a while. I’ve not checked yet but it’ll be interesting to see.

Stats of my main receiver since January 1st. The small drop for the last 8 days is caused by the fact that i have it offline during night (00:00 - 06:00 local time)
Overall not really a signifcant impact

blue: ADS-B
orange: MLAT
grey: other

I’m sitting at an airport looking at the info board:
Flights to Seoul, Guangzhou and Bangkok are listed as “cancelled” from tonight’s scheduled.
That’s six out of the next 30 flights (including code shares). As per @keithma’s observation - highly locale specific!

I think there are location specific exceptions, but not to account for a general lapse in demand. That may be about to imminently change however:

German Airline Lufthansa cancelled 23.000 flights between March 29th and April 30th.


Well I guess this will have an impact:

I think soon every nation will be cutting flights as it has now been declared a pandemic , only cargo flights will remain open that is of course if the crews of these flights are allowed into a country. We already see shipping being refused entry into ports albeit cruise boats but will it start to apply to cargo vessels as well. It is probably too late now but a total cut in global passenger flights in January for one month might have save tthe spread. Lessons can be learnt from this when say COVID-22 or COVID-21 appears which it will do at sometime as these virus are here to stay and will create havoc when they surface in humans

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“The travel order does not apply to US citizens.”

And this should work in practice how?

Give the guy a break. Sometimes the orange man doesn’t think things through. :roll_eyes:

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I’d expect it to just be another entry in the “can this passenger enter country X?” checks that airlines do anyway at the point of departure. If you get past those and turn up anyway, you get refused entry and get put on the next flight back at the airline’s expense.

(that said, KIAH’s immigration systems never seem to be able to work out what flight I arrived on, so…)

I mean more the other way round.

what if an US citizen is trying to travel from Frankfurt to the US and no flight is done?


They will have to return to the US via the UK. That said, travel under current circumstances is not a good idea.

I was wondering about that myself yesterday. My numbers have gone down.

Lufthansa will operate some special flights to the US. People are asked to check with the airline.

Numbers in Mauritius are down a little at present but this is due to seasonal changes in that we are coming to the end of the peak summer season. However since Air Seychelles have announced the cancellation of all flights to Mauritius shortly as well as falling passenger numbers worldwide then I think airlines that fly daily or several times a week to Mauritius will probably start consolidating flights so that they have only perhaps one or two flights a week here. At worst maybe airlines from the worst affected regions such as Italy , France and Germany are perhaps reviewing the situation on a daily if not hourly basis and could cancel all flights at very short notice

It is getting more and more quiet in airspace across Europe

Lufthansa announced to cancel almost all flights and Turkish Airlines stopped flights from/to at least eight european countries.