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Copy and paste

Can someone please tell me how to copy an output from a command into an email on Windows10?
Many thanks

If the command output is in SSH window on the Windows machine

highlight the text by moving the mouse pointer to the starting character

while holding the left mouse button down move the mouse pointer to the ending character

copy the highlighted text by pressing control-c

in the email window press control-v to paste the text

if using putty as ssh client, the highlighted text part is automatically copied so the CTRL-C step is not required. it’s coipied directly after mouse button is released.

But: Are we really talking about SSH to a client? To me it sounds like he wants to copy & paste something from command line on the windows client.

Standard windows command prompt needs a right click, “Mark”, first, otherwise you will not be able to mark the text.
Then mark it and Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V in the mail should work.

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Thanks. It was copy and paste FROM command line TO Windows (Gmail)
However, I’ve figured it out now. Thanks again

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Thanks. Got it figured now.

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