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How do I get a console on the Rasp Pi?

I would like to start a console on the Raspi on my Windows PC (to be able to execute commands). I’ve tried this with WINScp. Unfortunately, I always get the error message “A connection could not be established because the target computer refused to connect. Connection failed.” VLC doesn’t work either …


Enable SSH access

… that’s exactly what I intend to do (activate SSH).
To do this, I have to access the Rasp Pi once via the console. (to transfer an SSH file). But I don’t know how I can copy it on there.

sd-card reader.

If you could by default access the pi with the default password that would contradict the whole idea of not having accessible via network by default. (like so many iot devices having default passwords or security issues and becoming part of botnets)

Just a note, SCP uses SSH.

If you have CLI on a monitor.

sudo systemctl enable ssh
sudo reboot

Under Windows, I cannot see the partition on which the BOOT directory is located. And this is where the SSH file should be saved.

I have done it about thirty times.
Just add the file to the root directory that Windows can see.
I usually just copy config.txt to ssh or ssh.txt.

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No you can’t see the main partition.
The partition that you do see is the /boot partition (directory).