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How to enable SSH?

I read the snippet in the instructions that state that to enable SSH need to create a directory labeled SSH in the boot. How do I do that??


For Beginners - How-to SSH to RPi - Setup Putty in Windows


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Not a directory, but a file.

On Windows:
Open Explorer, right click, create new file, name it “ssh” and remove the extension -> done

SSH should be enabled on next boot of your device

I got SSH enabled. The confusing part was where it stated to create a directory instead of a file…

Is this in the FlightAware instructions somewhere? I took a quick look but couldn’t see that - if it is in the FA instructions can you let me know where, so I can get it fixed?

I took a look but could not find where I read to create a directory. If I run across it I will let you know…

This is handy for DHCP