Cool Pics of Runways

I received a slide show [amongst many others] that has been circulating for a while on the net.
This one was a collection of cockpit-view approaches to airports [not only North America, as far as I can deduct].
I was only able to identify only one of those airports; Knowing that this forum is full of flying experience, I was wondering if someone can help me identify a few other interesting ones.

I believe this one to be Princess Juliana International in St. Maarten [TNCM]

These are interesting, but I don’t have a clue where they are.

Let’s call this one #1


I have 2 angles of #3

The final two photos are of Madeira Airport-LPMA , located on he Portugese island of Madeira off the coast of Morocco. There have been several awards given for the engineering for the runway support structures.

Also see and search for the airport code, LPMA. I would have linked, but the addy was super long.

There’s no ‘y’ in address so I’m not sure why the abbreviation for address has a “y” in it. In any case, for long addresses, check out


And exactly what productive use of this little tidbit will us common users will get out of this?

Referring the person to tiny url would have been more appropriate then cutting down on them for abbreviating addy.

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I’m wondering if a programmer (that I am not) could extrapolate all the airports that lets say have runway 12 assigned on that airport from the AFD data bases?

This would glean out all the airports that don’t have that runway and then a person may have a slimmer chance of matching up the pics with the AFD layout.

Would “seem” to be an easy enough task in today’s computer age, but of course, programmer I am not.

Of course, it may be already out there, and I don’t know it either. :smiley:


#2 looks like Macau, gambling paradise south of Hong Kong.

Bingo! No. 1 still has me stumped.

The OP is correct about Princess Juliana International in St. Maarten.

And there’s this one, #4

From the A/C reg, we might assume this one somewhere in French Polynesia
EDIT: According to trafly and cfijames, this one is St. Barts

A couple of other, lesser-sized runways, but nice pics

These two may be in the Alps

(I wouldn’t bee to crazy about landing on the second one!)


It’s like Pavlov’s dogs with some people. Just mention the word “addy” and you’re sure to get a bite here on the forums. Kinda like that license vs. certificate debate a while back.

Anyway, reference Snowbird’s post, the 2nd pic of the steep approach in the tropics, is the infamous St. Barts.

The one labeled #4 (6th Picture down), i’m guessing, is Muriscal Sucre International (SEQU) in Quinto, Ecuador.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The last one (11th Picture down) is Courchevel Airport (LFLJ) in France.

Courveval is correct for the last one. this video from youtube shows a PC12 taking off and landing there. Awesome.

The one with the Islander on final is St Barth’s. The company my wife works for, Linear Air, has approval to fly their Caravan’s in there in the winter. (each captain needs special training with a local CFI before being allowed to land there.)

cfijames… I just noticed your change of avatar. Is that to mean you switched from a Platypus to a Catfish?

I’m inclined to agree with you. Searching Yahoo Images (a.k.a. “FLICKR”), I found the following images which suggest that you’re correct.

I found THIS WEB PAGE where the first posted image appears to be the same as the one snowbird57 posted, but with better resolutiion.

I would agree. There is a website called flightlevel350 that has a lot of cockpit videos flying in and out of there. Pretty intense approach with mountains and buildings.

The most awesome image of a runway is when you’ve been slogging along in the clag for an hour or two, and you see the runway appear out of the mist as you descend toward it.

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Or one we can see in severe clear conditions.

We can’t forget we folks that jockey a plane are a privileged few that get to see the view from front row seats.


3rd picture down is the Macau International Airport, in Macau, China.