Airport Picture


I know all about the and Jetphotos, But is there a website out there that is all about airports. Example I want to see the Continental Airlines terminal at McCarran Airport because my folks are heading there and I want to see what i’m missing. I would also like to see the US Airways terminal at DCA and BNA.


I can give you a mental picture…take a casino and combine it with an average looking terminal and you have the terminal @ LAS


WOW I take it you have know idea of a site. Thanks


Not really, just been there multiple times, back with Tulsa and UNLV were in the WAC and the two times I have flown SWA from TUL-LAS-RNO to get to the house @ Lake Tahoe…


Haven’t seen/don’t know of any sites dedicated to airport photography, but go to Google Image Search and try search terms such as:

Airport pictures Mccarran

Airport Pictures LAS

You’ll get some hits (and some misses - the Airport of the Americas looks like a nice destination!)


I did that but i’m looking for the inside Continental Airline gates.
But the picture of the Luxor isn’t to bad.


Go to the LAS web site. There’s an aviation museum there. There are also maps of the airport, although I didn’t have any luck in bringing them up.


Just curious…what exactly are you looking for? All the gate areas look pretty much the same @ LAS. Corporate logo, seats, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, couple other fast food spots, and slot machines along the walls with a bigger area of them in the middle of the terminal…


I want to see the Aircraft at the gates from inside the airport, lots of planes parked at gates, things like that. I don’t know if that helps or not.


How do you load an image on here i’ll give an idea of what i’m looking for.



take you reasearch to the next level-

find out what terminal Continental operates out of (hint-it comes after terminal “C”) and search for that in Google Images.


Nice one buddy I didn’t get any pictures just signs.


Take a look at jreeves’ posting again and follow the advice about the Google image search. I found hundreds of pictures. Some of them seem to be what you want, nitro.


Try this

or this.


I don’t know what you typed in because I typed in McCarran Airport Terminal C pictures. And I got signs and maps.


Re read the hint!

(it was a hint,not an answer!)


OOPS looks like I read it to fast :blush: :blush: :blush: SORRY, long day of Exams makes you loose it sometimes.


It’s good but it’s still not what i’m looking for. I want to see the planes all lined up and pictures being taken from the inside of the terminal. It’s like you walking down the terminal seeing all these planes 737’s 757’s all lined up being loaded unloaded. Here if you can tell me how to load an image on here I will show you what I mean.


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