Airline/aircraft SPOTTERS tips,help,info,etc...

This is going to be were all aircraft spotters alike…UNITE!
We can help each other, share tips and so on.
If anybody has tips about shooting with a 350D, I could use some tips. :smiley:
Tell everybody about this thread too. :wink:

1 Like is a great website for aircraft photos of all types.

I agree with you about
I also like
I am using a Canon S2IS and have been having a lot of fun with it.

Thanks for telling me about
great site!!! :wink:

Might as well add for all sorts of airplane videos.

I tend to be GA Aircraft Spotter. Not really interested in the big planes.
That’s why I like Airport-Data. I wish I had more time to take pictures.

I spot/photograph mainly at EWR, and at ABE when I’m at school. I spot at EWR because it is close to my home and I’m always up for a good challenge. Anyone looking to go to EWR, let me know, I can give you some hints.

I have a couple of airports around me, one is DTW,
DtW is not great for spotting, but you still can crank out good photos.

  1. is sure a great site… but if you are looking to upload your photos there, be prepared to be rejected. They seem to be interested only in professional types. Eventhough they claim they don’t.
    You can also try

It is a HUGE pain in the butt to upload there. ( I know this first hand)

I think you guys have the wrong point of view regarding Granted it is difficult to get your pics posted. They do have high standards. I have 3 pictures in their data base and consider it an honor. Especially since I am no photographer. accepts pretty much everything. Just like everything else in life if its difficult to accomplish it is esteemed with higher regard. Just my two cents. :smiley:

Its a pain in the butt…
but then you can say your work is the best of the best!!! :wink:

does anyone know of anyother website to watch videos of planes besides i would really love it if anyone did or could help me :smiley:

88nitro - Just do a search on Google (you probably already know this) for aircraft videos. I did this and found a few sites. I’m not a real video guy…takes to long to download so I don’t have a ready made answer for you. I apologize for the elementary suggestion but its a start. :smiley:

Wow it’s been three years since anyposts here. Does anybody have any updates?

It’s been 3 and HALF years but who’s counting?

Most threads have a tendency to die. This one died 3.5 years ago and obviously there are no updates.

It is nice to see a new person to the forums take the time to look at older postings.

as I mentioned in some other forum on here, Alexis Park Inn’s site has a great collection of aviation video’s:

He’s a lurker… Check out his join date. Just a couple months younger then you . :wink:

I have been to IAH 3 times. Got some photos on FA. Ohhh, by the way FA is a good website for aircraft photos… :laughing:

Given Dami’s negative posting count, he’s also made 4,111 more posts.