Best viewing spot ANYWHERE


I know there are some amazing viewing spots to see planes takeoff and land. So what are your spots that you like. I wouldn’t mind living where this person is. Thats why I like this. … -7625.html


In-n-Out burger just north of LAX.
Any closer to the aircraft and you would need a ticket!


Nice but if I where there I would go there everyday and probably eat and watch at the sametime and then I would be around 300lbs. :laughing: Have you been there?


Yes, I’ve been there. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see a park just across the street from the In-n-Out Burger. No need to actually go to the restaurant. It’s great to be able to watch the aircraft, eat if you need to, and have a place to “make water” if you need to.


Here is one…

A control tower…


Yes that is one but I am looking for places that everyday people can go to whenever they want. But yes control tower is one


Maho Beach.


I’m thinkin somewhere in this neighborhood:

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Look for the “Link to this photo” above the picture, and I beat you by a minute. :wink:


I KNEW IT WAS A MATTER OF TIME. To shorten it under the sizes is a url that you can copy. If you want it to be the large picture click large and then copy the url.


It doesn’t matter how long the link is if you do this "[(]insert text here and a “](” ["
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There’s a little parking area right under the approach to runway 35 here at MHT. It’s not the best place in the world, but it’s pretty neat.


YUP I have seen it I wanted to stay but we where on a tight schedual to make a baseball game in boston.


This is a pretty good spot for 24L at Dayton. It serves as airshow parking for two days of the year. Haven’t been there in a while because i’m worried about the new security things and I don’t believe its public property.

In red circle.

Fun to drive on the road perpendicular to 24L when a plane is coming over.


It will look like this:

[Here is a cool website](

or as I did with the above website:


and what you get is this: HERE



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i got a really nice one for Newark airport, ill post it up later :slight_smile:


I have a nice spot at EWR as well. :wink: