cool little video of a 747-4 in the paint shop. … ta_colors/ check this one out its cool.

WOW those guys work fast. they had it painted in the time it takes to run the before start checklist

I’d guess that the time period covered in the video was three to four weeks.

Wondering how much weight all that new paint adds?

EDIT Found this: … tml#table1

Also what does it cost for that paint job?

Nothing like a 747. Thanks, Globie!

Wow, wouldn’t have thought it would take more than a week. :open_mouth:


I’m afraid I can’t accept their statement that the entire painting process took only 12 days total, it takes almost a week just to properly mask a large aircraft.

I don’t doubt that it takes 12 days total. Each day the aircraft is out of service is a lost day of income for that aircraft so they have an incentive to get it done fast. It may take nearly a week to mask it but the painting itself could take less time.

The Delta color scheme isn’t really that complicated so the painting would take that long.

hey JHEM do you think they might run 2 or 3 shifts a day? if they run one shift a day there would be no way they could turn one that fast. I think they probably run more than one shift a day. :smiley:

if you find the price tag on a paint job for any commercial aircraft please post here. i am looking around to see myself. keep it up!!!

holy crap, the 380 gets painted in 2:07 a full minute faster than a 747-4 wow those french painters are awesome!!!LOLMAO :smiley:

I’m so glad you have a sense of humor also!!!

yea went through all of that bad attitude sh** when i first started posting on this site. i got over my bad attitude and am just having fun now. 8)

The French are very good at running!

are you tallking about the way they paint planes?? :open_mouth: or other things in the history of france :unamused:

I **ain’t **talkin’ about their notoriety in winning medals in running competitions!

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Or maybe the fact that they have surrendered to themselves…TWICE.

Nope - no nerves struck. I’m just sayin’…

ok is this over yet?? I left and came back, i do get what you are sayin. and my attempt at humor?? yea i keep trying, hit or miss :smiley: