Delta 747-400

Just posted a picture of it after paint job. Looks pretty.

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Mikef’s picture of Delta 747-400.

Wow! It been a LOOOONG time since there was a 747 in Delta colors.

Beautiful, I hope to see it when I go to Atlanta Saturday.

I find it funny…Delta took the largest a/c NW has in their fleet and painted it in their colors, this tells the world “Yep we own these guys now”.

It’ll be interesting to see the A330’s / 320’sin Delta paint

…and DC-9 and 757-300

BTW: Now THAT, is a gorgeous plane!

Kinda hard to believe the -400 has already been around for 20-whatever years. That one’s from 1989.

Dang it, it’s leaving Atlanta already, guess I’ll have to fly to Detroit.

I think it’ll be more interesting to see if any of them last into Delta paint. :laughing: … nDLColors# … in-flight/

Given Delta’s history they’ll be replacing the 744’s in about a year.

Here’s the replacement