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CHINA AIR & others CCP carriers

Why the hell is CA and other CCp carriers still flying in and out of Australia after being banned ?

Our borders are shut after this virus was inflicted on us.

Time to shut our borders on this rogue for good.


Cargo, i would assume.
If you stop this completely, you will have an impact very soon

The borders are shut to non citizen/residents, not to cargo. How are you going to get supplies from other countries? Do you stop exports too?

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China Airlines is Taiwanese; they would probably be somewhat unhappy as being called a “CCP carrier”.

(but who ever let facts get in the way of a good rant?)


Doesnt answer the question as to why they are flying here. V hard to slam the door I guess.

Ok so they are using pax carriers as well as cargo planes.

There is all sort of cargo that Australia exports to and imports from China:

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You do realise that your national carrier is flying to mainland China, right? If you think it’s a bad idea, I’d start with them.

I’d be more worried about the United flights arriving from SFO.

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The answer was given in the previous reply

Many US airlines converted their aircraft into cargo temporarily.
In EDDF they are three of them coming in almost every morning (787-10 and 787-9)


But if you’re the OP and you’re ostensibly worried about flights from mainland China or Taiwan where things are mostly under control and there is little remaining community transmission, then logically you should be much more worried about flights from the USA where there’s uncontrolled community transmission and a million+ COVID-19 cases, right? Equal opportunity xenophobia :wink:


Someone compiled a list of flights in and out of Australia

Seems a lot considering the borders are closed.


“Australia’s borders are closed. Only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia.”

This does not include freight.
Also, someone with multiple citizenship, like me, could theoretically travel between two or more countries provided each country permits it.

Here are the rules from the Federal Health Department, DFAT and DAWE,



There’s also some special cases for transit to/from NZ.

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No Xeo phobes here I dont play that tired card mate. yawn.

Just wary and concerned since this virus like many of this kind born in china. No apologies from them though. God forbid.

Will be interesting in the future how many airlines from -that country are allowed back in a good cutback would be wise as relations with CCP arnt exactly chummy and probably never will be.

As for USA the Govt better get their shit together. 50 states with 50 points of view. doesnt work.

i was wondering about those flights (UA) - they have always carried cargo as well as pax so I guess its more cargo. Im fine with that.

Did hear they were doing the odd flight to Honkers. WTF for I dont know.

Aust might need to change the old multiple passport holders. Not having ago at you. But the mob up north that caused this nightmare.

Youre either loyal to one or the other - especially if you are lucky to be a resident and have Australian citizenship. Time to choose. The reds or us.