I have noticed for quite some time that flights departing out of Shanghai, Pudong (ZSPD) headed for Sydney, Australia (YSSY) track out to Okinawa Japan then turn south to Australia. They used to track along the coast to just north of hong kong along the eastern coast of china then head out over the Philippines then down on into Australia. Does anyone know why they are headed out over Okinawa? I noticed that flights ZSPD-YMML still hug the china coast,

Just curious as to why they would fly this route.


Jamie (YMML)


I know the United flights from HKG fly out over TPE and then Japan so that they can avoid having to go through mainland chinese airspace, which they are certainly allowed to do, but mainland chinese airspace is often congested with enroute delays and reroutes common and Chinese ATC can be difficult to understand.


Thanks for that I have noticed that all flights are now flying outover Okinawa looks so weird to be flying NNE when you are heading to the great Southern land. I guess it’s cheaper as you said the reroutes and congestion would be more expensive.