Eva Air / Evergreen


Hi Everyone,

I have an upcoming flight with Eva Air from Macau to Newark via Taipei. I’ve been looking through posts to find any discussions on the airline from a Pilots point of view and haven’t found anything. I used to love flying up until 3 years ago, when I became terribly afraid to do so :blush: (I’m sure you guys must hear this a lot). I am aware of the statistics being in my favor in an airplane and have recently been reading everything I can about flying/aircraft/etc…which has helped a lot. Anyways, if there are any Pilots out there who can say anything reassuring about the airline, aircraft and/or their Pilots I would greatly appreciate it :smiley: Also, I love this site…so much information that helps me to breathe easier :confused: Thanks again in advance for any forthcoming info.


Eva or Evergreen? They are not the same.
Eva stops in Anchorage for fuel on the westbound trips, but on the eastbound flights the 777W does it nonstop. They also use 747-400’s and MD-11’s which stop both ways. I’ve never heard anything bad about them.
Evergreen is a US airline doing mostly charter cargo flights in, um, mature aircraft. :unamused:


The flight I will be taking is with Eva. BR32 non-stop to Newark on the 777-300. Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


EVA Air is a very safe airline, never having a passenger fatality in its history.

The Boeing 777-300ER is one of the most marvelous airplanes flying today, both from an aesthetic point of view and also one of the safest airplanes, never having a passenger fatality in its history.

You’ll be fine. Also keep in mind that pretty much no matter what airline/airplane combo you fly on today it will be VERY safe.


Does EVA have any pilot bases in the US?

I thought at one time they had one a LAX but maybe that cargo only?