Cargo vs Passenger


Is there a way to only track cargo A/C or to tell the difference between cargo and passenger A/C by the information shown when I track flights to and from a particular airport?


Not really.
In the USA, the majority of the big airlines have only passenger aircraft. Northwest is a notable exception. They have 747 freighters. These flights are usually numbered in the 900’s.

Many of the small aircraft flights such as Cessna 208’s are usually cargo flights, especially the ones flying into major cargo hubs like Rickenbacker in Ohio.


Ok, thanks…I’m trying to weed out some of the data from carriers like JAL and KAL that have both. The only other thing I could think of was to try and match the times from their websites if I tried to book a flight with the times I see in Flightaware and if there are matches or close timing, I would assume those were passenger flights and the others cargo.


If an airline like China and Japan (not domestic airlines) has a four digit flight number, it’s probably a cargo flight. Further, if it makes a stop in ANC or FAI, there’s a good likelihood it is also a cargo flight.