non NWA 747 at MSP??


Okay so bare with me here, I JUST saw a mainly white 747 with a red maroon and red gold tail fly over my head here in Edina Minnesota on its way to KMSP but i’ve never heard of a non NWA 747 flying into MSP. please help me figure this out! It’ll haunt me forever if i dont! Thanks a lot folks.

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Well, the republican convention is in the Twin Cities next week, so it could be a charter for anyone associtated with that, a media plane, or something else.

It wouldn’t be airline service, and wouldn’t be cargo. So my guess is that it is a charter associated with the convention.


Does it look like this:

Then it is a Kalitta Air Cargo jet.

Maybe this was it?


So it looks like it was both airline service* and cargo.

The permalink for this flight is … /KDEN/KMSP

*So many people think an airline carries only passengers in scheduled services. Many large airlines operate either charters only or cargo only. Two of the larges airlines in the world, in terms of aircraft operated, are cargo carriers.


Maybe it was carrying " cargo" from the DNC to the RNC!


you’ve got to be be kidding me. I totally wasn’t even close.


It was carrying the “greek pillars” :laughing: :laughing:


DAMNIT!!! You beat me to it…

Let’s see…carrying Obama’s ego.


Wrong-o! That would take an AN-225.


I love the colors on the Kalitta 747s. I have seen the charter company’s Learjets which arent much different looking than any other Learjets. But those 747s…wow.


Not to be blatant or anything, but I am going to guess you are a conservative. You have made a few other pro-conservative posts, or so it seems. Not a bad thing, just a observation.

Anyway, this plane was coming from Denver, so something with the convention.


My gut feeling is that the aircraft was carrying federal security material from the democratic convention to the republican convention.

I’m not conservative. Not liberal, either. I’m libertarian (small L, not to be confused with the political part with that name).

I believe in having just enough government to get by. The federal government has no business doing anything except for the 3 things mentioned in the Constitution: interstate commerce, national defense, and foreign relations. They should not be involved in education, health, national parks, etc.

The main thing is that the feds need to be the servant of the states (as desired by the founding fathers) rather than the states being the servants of the feds.


That is right on the money. I have decided to become an “l” myself. Barr/Root '08!!!


Sorry to hijack the thread back from the political banter, but if the plane in question was maroon and gold, maybe NWA did a custom paint job with the University of MN colors?

I’ve found some references to NWA keeping a pair of 747-200s for charter service. It wouldn’t be too surprising to find one with Gophers’ livery.