Search for Freight/Cargo Flights


Hi, I want to search only cargo/freight flights in between origin and destination.
Right now I can use AirlineFlightScheduled api method to get the flights but these are passenger flights, or may be I can’t distinguish between passenger flight and a cargo flight?

Help needed on urgent basis. Thanks!


I am unaware of any option to see cargo-only. Depending on your use-case, you might build a list of cargo airlines, cargo flight numbers, or cargo aircraft tail-numbers to compare against.


Yea, actually I just need to specify origin and destination and possible time range to search only cargo flights.

Right now, I am getting like this:[14]
#<AirlineFlightScheduleStruct:0x007f956c622e70 @actual_ident=“SKW5392”, @aircrafttype="", @arrivaltime=1533139320, @departuretime=1533133320, @destination=“KSFO”, @ident=“DLH8739”, @meal_service="", @origin=“KEUG”, @seats_cabin_business=0, @seats_cabin_coach=50, @seats_cabin_first=0>

and I can’t differentiate between normal and cargo flight here


We are considering adding support for cargo filtering to all of the current FlightXML 2 and 3 functions that already have a “filter” argument that currently accepts a value of “ga” or “airline”.

When that functionality is completed, I think might be able to use the FlightXML3 FindFlight function. Note that function would only find flights that are at most 48 hours in the future and recently completed flights. Does that seem to meet your needs?


That is a nice option. I follow Charter and cargo. Mainly because of the twin turbo prop aircraft they use. I dont care to follow DHL, UPS or FEDX.


I think that would be great. It would be even better if we could get specific attributes related to the cargo flight. Something like upper deck, lower deck capacity and stuff.

Anyways, thank you for the prompt response. Looking forward to it.